When I quizzed CuT on how they’d describe their sound, they pretty much summed it up with two simple words. Noise pop! Yes, the exclamation mark is mandatory.
“It’s always a tricky question, but I think we’re happy with calling it Noise Pop! Lot’s of psychedelic, delay-drenched guitar all put on top of some huge pop tunes!”


The band; Four guys from North and East London, who all met through music one way or another. They are frontman and guitarist Dan Fatel, lead guitarist Jimmy Johnson, bassist Jay Clifton and drummer Louie Johnson.
Dan, Jimmy and Louie got together whilst playing in previous bands, such as Fatels and No Picasso, before forming a new band called Sheet Noise with Joe Isherwood, formerly of The Stetsons. But after a year writing and recording, the three parted ways with Sheet Noise and this resulted in CuT. Then Jay was invited to the band as he worked in a guitar shop alongside Dan, and then, as they put it, “the magic happened and here we all are.”

CuT list their main influences as My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, The Pixies and Smashing Pumpkins, and explained that they take inspiration from the new music scene too.

“We all listen to so much new music, especially as there are lots of great bands in London and the UK at the moment. We’re listening to Toy, Savages, The Horrors… Also lots of Stone Roses and Spiritualized.

And their all time favourite band?

“I think that’s impossible for us to say, obviously we all love The Beatles, The Who, The Clash…. I think now CuT can be added to the list!”

The good news is that the band are planning on sticking around, and when asked where they want to be in three years time, they seemed excited about the future, stating that they planned on ‘writing even bigger and better songs than we already are…’
“We already have enough material for the first two albums, so maybe on album 10 by that point (haha!)
We just want to give people a great new listening experience….that’s noisy!! We have our first single to be released soon, as a free, downloadable track called ‘Get Me A Gun’. We are just putting all our time and energy into recording the first album with out producer, Oli Bayston…to be available 2013. Hopefully next year we’ll be venturing around the country, playing all sorts of venues…..get in touch if you have a big house or flat and you don’t like your neighbours!!”

CuT’s single Get Me a Gun can be downloaded free from

For more information on CuT, check out one of the following:

Words by Holly Shakeshaft.



Meet Rory and Ned.

From the farmyards of sleepy Suffolk to the bright lights of Liverpool, the self-titled ‘song and dance men’ are making a name for themselves. The duo, who are signed to Antigen Records, are dedicated to playing regular live shows and were recently featured on the BBC Suffolk Introducing podcast. I spoke to Rory about the band and their rock n roll shenanigans…

What inspired you to start the band?
Well Ned played some solo stuff about two years ago whilst he was at University, then Rory swung by one day to see a show and thought: “Man, I wanna slice of this banana cake!”

How would you personally describe Rory & Ned’s sound?
Disco train wreck.

What are your influences?
Our favourite bands are folks like Daniel Johnston, The Pogues and Eagles of Death Metal…we probably just sound like some knackered old tire swinging against a church bell or some old rubbish like that though.

Which bands/musicians are you currently listening to?
We have been listening to a lot of J Roddy Walston and The Business recently; real feel-good rock and roll that makes you feel swell!

Where do you hope to be in three years time?
Ned wants to get a Le Cruseat pan set and Rory really needs a new pair of jeans.

So, EP’s, albums, touring…got any plans for us to look forward to?
Well we released a single with Antigen records a few months ago and it sold out pretty quick (still available to download, baby!) so they have let us do an EP; it should be out before Christmas.
We are recording it at the moment in between gigs. It’s got a bundle of new songs and a live version of a song on there too. In regards to gigs and tours……yes please! We have been gigging regularly around Liverpool, playing in a bunch of places like Mello Mello and Zanzibar. One of the gigs we are most excited about is on November 3rd at the Shipping Forecast, Liverpool, we are supporting Catfish and the Bottlemen…they are really nice guys with well good songs too!

Rory and Ned’s single Man Slag/The Forbidden Dance is available for download now at:

For more information on Rory & Ned, check out one of the following:

Words by Holly Shakeshaft.


Back for another installment of ‘Before They Were Famous’, Mojo20 have again caught up with a band on the brink of breaking into the forefront of new music, and this time it’s the three-man, Sheffield based machine that is Silents! With a string of gigs under their collective belt, over a three-year career, as well as a show of respect from celebrities and endorsements around the UK, they’ve taken time out to have a bit of a chinwag with yours truly, and here they are!

How and when did Silents form ?
We got together about 3 years ago, me and Adam the singer met at Barnsley college studying music and he was already in a band with John who’s the drummer. There band was coming to an end and I stood in on bass and it went from there.

Collectively, what/who are the bands main influences ?
I’d say our main influences are Radiohead, Cooper Temple Clause, Exit Calm, Paul Simon, Wild Beasts, Queens of the Stone Age, Prince, Bombay Bicycle Club, Sonic Youth, Super Furry Animals, Bloc Party and loads of others I can’t think of, haha!

What’s been the bands high point so far ?
I think our high point was one night when played a gig at the Leadmill (Sheffield) and the whole cast of this is England turned up. We let them in to our dressing room for a drink and Joe Gilgun, who plays woody introduced us on stage.

What was the worst gig you ever did and why ?
The worst gig we played was at a place called the cremorne, it’s not a bad place just the series of events that led up to us playing. None of the other bands turned up so we drank the beer that was put on for them, safe to say by the time we got on we were hammered. Adam did a bottle solo, tried glassing himself on stage then threw the bottle into the crowd. There was glass in people’s hair and everything.

Any big plans for LP’s, tours, festivals etc ?
As of now we haven’t got a drummer, John left to study photography in London and he gets to work at the Baftas and Brit awards so you can’t blame him really. Me and Adam will be doing some stuff very shortly as we still have songs which we never played as Silents. Don’t worry Stuart you’ll be the first to know!

Where do you see the band in five years time?
Hope this question isn’t a play on Noah and the Whale, ha! Well for any band five years is a long time and I just hope to be playing music still.

Any other up and coming bands that you recommend ?
Yeah there’s a few actually, you should check my friends band Feral Brood out, you should also listen to my other friends bands Toba Caldera and Exit Calm, these three I think could go places.

Fuck, marry or kill? Jarvis cocker, Ian Curtis and Johnny cash ?
Well seeing as Jarvis is still alive then I’m afraid he falls under the kill option, even though I think he’s great I’m basing it purely on that fact, then Ian Curtis would come under fuck and I’d marry Johnny Cash so he could tell me what really happened in that cave.

For more information on Silents, check out one of the following:

Words by Stuart Green.


Mojo20 have been chatting up the stars once again and this time it’s with Leicester based trio LITTLE NIGHT TERRORS! We’ve caught up with them following the release of second single ‘Young lion’, and with two EP’s, two UK tours and an impressive position at #51 in the iTunes alternative singles chart with debut, Pocket Rocket (Where The Light Is), the band are more than well on their way! But we got all nosey, and asked the band a few questions, and here they are! This is Before They Were Famous with Little Night Terrors.

How long has LNT been together as a band?
Me, Dan & Bone have been playing together since October 2011

When & where was your first live performance as a band?
We played together first time in December at the White Noise festival in Leicester. It felt good inside.

Under what genre would you define the band/your music?
We take a bit of everything with us, our new single Young Lion mixes a hip-hop beat, with some old sounding synths, & a bit of alternative indie/punk. We’ve been described as sounding New Wave. I think that kind of fits.

What artists/bands are you following & enjoying currently?
I’ve been following Peace and they’re obviously doing wicked at the minute, its fucking good to see guitars getting a taste. Been digging into that new Alt-J record, like TDCC’s new album, Dan is always enjoying Rage Against the Machines riffs. Lee Ryan too.

Who or what, would you collectively site as your main influences?
Ah, so much! We can all agree on The Clash, but we listen to so much its hard to really put it down to main ones. We wanna combine a lot of things to make exciting music for us.

With two EP’s released are there any plans for an LP in the near future?
We’ve just put out our 2nd single Young Lion, and we’ve got lots more songs lined up ready. We would love to get in the studio and record an album.

When & where is the next big gig for LNT?
We’ve got a load of dates coming up on tour around the country, got great shows coming up in Cardiff, Norwich, Nottingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Cambridge, and more. All our gigs are here

What are your main aspirations for the band in the near future?
We’d love to get on the festival circuit, we’d love to get on some of those bills. We just vibe so much off gigging so we wanna carry on playing shows. The album is in our sights as well.

Band highlight so far?
Finishing our first uk tour for our first single Pocket Rocket, and getting back to our hometown and playing a sold out show there, which we filmed for the Young Lion video. That gig was epic.

Favourite record by another band in 2012 so far?
Frank Ocean – Channel Orange

For more information on Little Night Terrors, check out one of the following:

New single ‘Young Lion’ is available to purchase here;

Words by Stuart Green.


Sleigh Bells @ Leeds Festival 2012

Waiting impatiently in the Festival Republic tent, it wasn’t overly busy. There was still an eager crowd waiting for Sleigh Bells to appear, and deliver their raucous brand of dance-punk, but after legging it from the Main Stage I managed to plonk myself in next to the barrier quite easily.

Lights onstage went down. Cue Derek Miller’s guitar and the ominous Demons riff, which began rolling steadily over the crowd, building up thunderous tension, red lighting casting a hellish glow over everything. Ummm…where’s Alexis Krauss? Oh, here she is. The splendid front woman bolts onstage in a flurry of long black hair, leather and glitter, snarling the lyrics to the track off their latest album, Reign of Terror. “Demons! Come on!” She chants lovingly her adoring audience, before spending time addressing them, and fizzing everyone up like a shaken cola bottle.
The duo then kick-start Crown on the Ground, it’s squalling intro bursting into life and encouraging the pit to go bat-shit cray, followed by True Shred Guitar (push it push it push it push it!) and Kids, with just enough tambourine, screaming and head-banging to keep everybody eating out of Sleigh Bells hands.

Alison and co. are mixing up their material nicely, with old and new tracks being fired out, and after  sending out a selection of more recent songs including Comeback Kid and End of the Line, they play my personal favourite, Straight A’s, a short but sweet little gem off their debut album Treats. Fast drums, heavy guitar, Alison squealing in her tie-dye hot-pants. THAT is a treat, and I can safely say this performance was a festival highlight, alongside verbally abusing a Teletubby, but that’s another story…

They continue to play some more classic Treats, including hit singles Infinity Guitars and Riot Rhythms which obviously are a sure-fire hit with the fans, the well-known beat of the latter song resounding around the hot tent like an out of control rubber ball. They end the set with A/B Machines, Alison hypnotising the crowd with the repetitive verse and a euphoric high-pitched guitar solo from Derek. She finishes, then thanks us, emanating graciousness and total coolness, leaving us all buzzing and slightly in love. The Cure…who?

Words by Holly Shakeshaft
: @hollyshake

Maximo Park / The National Health

“Do I really need to give an introduction?” That’s the way the album begins, and that’s exactly how i’m going to start here. Unfortunately for Maximo Park, I have an answer, & it may not be one they’d expect!

Yes lads, yes I believe you do!

Maximo Park returned earlier in 2012 for the first time in three years, with new album The National Health. The fourth studio album for the Geordie five piece, in an already 12 year career. The first single release from the album, “Hips & Lips”, can be almost imagined to be the basis for the term ‘grower’, as the guys appear to have returned not necessarily with the same riff based catchiness of the first album, the fast paced electronic tone of the second album & certainly not the disco filled vibe of the third album. In fact, their new effort appears edgier, darker, more lyric focused. They seem to have something to say, profound or not, sentimental or not, but either way, they’ve come up with the sound to make sure you’re listening. The first track “When I Was Wild”, imitates a funeral march. Moody & ambient, almost fitting for the end of an album in its lack of ability to kick off any sort of musical journey. But that appears to be the beauty of it. The whole record strikes you in every way you’d never expect. “Hips & Lips” is almost whispered throughout the verse, but with a depth that holds your attention, wanting more, needing to get to the end, and with a smart, minimalistic backing track.

Fourth track “The Undercurrents” has to be considered a stand out track, with honourable mentions going also to “Write This Down” and “Until The Earth Opens Wide”, with a sentimentality that with an open mind & a willing ear, could not only tug the heart-strings, but pull them clean out of your chest. Again, this track sees a much more subdued front man in Paul Smith, who quite frankly appeared to have a heavy relationship with ADD on previous albums, and for anyone that has been lucky enough to see Maximo Park live, he’s a mad man that provides one hell of a show, and sends you home knowing that your money was well spent, and worked for. On this album, the goal of attaining a more mature, credible reputation in the current music scene has calmed the vocalist, but by no means taken away from any of his many other attributes.

With some radio exposure already, no doubt pushed by such radio DJ’s as Edith Bowman…. & well that might be it, Maximo Park have arrived back on the scene, but by no means has it made a notable splash. Then again neither did the last album, in fact the one before didn’t exactly make 2007 the year of Maximo Park. Only time will tell, and maybe their choice of follow-up single, whether they’ve returned with the success & attention produced by “A Certain Trigger”. But many i imagine will completely miss the release of “The National Health”, and Maximo Park will spend a few more years, in the background, just doing their thing, playing to their already established fans… before attempting it all again!

So, yes. To most, I imagine you do require an introduction…

and you just received one.

Words by Stuart ‘Mojo20’ Green.


Ozzy Osbourne, Ocean Colour Scene, Cat Deeley and Bob Carolgees (& Spit the Dog as well probably). All very talented people (with the exception of Carolgees) within their own right who all hail from the City of Birmingham. There’s about to be another name on this list. JAWS. No, not the bloodthirsty shark or the bond villain (This is however where the band got their name from) but the latest band to come out of the West Midlands City.

With the passion, likeability and charisma of Joy Division and the harmonious melodies of Bombay Bicycle Club; we predict a very bright future for these guys and believe them to be the latest, fresh ingredients for some brilliant music. We recently spoke to frontman, Connor Schofield. Here’s what he had to say!

What inspired you to start the band?
I cant really remember to be honest, I guess at the time I was really into bands like Washed Out or Beach Fossils and i wanted to have a go at writing songs like that

We’ve labelled you in this article as “A blend of Joy Division and Bombay Bicycle Club”. How would you personally describe your sound?
We’ve seen people describe us as “surf pop” which works I guess, but I love Bombay Bicycle Club and Joy Division and definitely take some influence from both. I’d say we’re a bit more Bulgarian death jazzcore though.

Who/What do you consider to be your biggest influences?
All the good things. Friends, family, food, love, Pepsi Max.

What bands are you enjoying yourself at the moment?
I LOVE Splashh right now, and a band called Wild Nothing, their new record “Nocturne” is amazing.

Where do you see JAWS in three years time?
Serving up Big Macs in the back of McDonald’s in Wolverhampton… that’s if doing a world tour with U2 hasn’t happened by then.

Can we expect a debut EP or LP soon?
I think there are plans for another single to be released before the end of the year.

Any plans to tour?
Nothing right now, but hopefully something for the end of the year / early 2013 (if the world hasn’t ended)

What’s next for JAWS?
We’re just gonna keep writing the tunes and playing the shows and see what happens!

For more information on JAWS, check out one of the following:

Debut single, ‘Toucan Surf’ is out on August 27th.

Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend 2012 / 5 of the Best

Yet another poor choice for new music this week and we struggled to pick 5 decent albums released today. Because of this; we’re being topical and we’ve chosen 5 of the best from the weekend’s action at Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend. Let us know which performances you enjoyed the most!

Jay-Z & Kanye West / Ni**as In Paris
Ben Howard / Only Love
Kasabian / Days Are Forgotten
Jack White / Seven Nation Army
The Maccabees / Pelican

Top 10 Albums of 2012 (So Far)

You know it’s a bad week for new album releases when the best of the bunch is ‘A Million Lights’ by Cheryl Cole. For this reason, we decided we wouldn’t be doing a top 5 for today but because it’s the middle of the year; we’d instead choose our Top 10 albums of the year so far. Let us know what your favourites are in the comments.

Blood Red Shoes / In Time To Voices

Clock Opera / Ways To Forget

The Cribs / In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull

Django Django / Django Django

Dry The River / Shallow Bed

Friends / Manifest!

Jack White / Blunderbuss

The Maccabees / Given To The Wild

Tennis / Young & Old

The Walkmen / Heaven

Selected by Stuart Green & Robert Smith


I heard this song earlier in the year and discovered there was something instantly likeable about Haim, a trio from LA consisting of three sisters; Danielle, Alana and Este.

This week saw the music video for ‘Forever’ released.

‘Forever’ is catchy, fast paced and above all; brilliant. It’s a really uplifting song and I believe I’ve managed to find my 2012 summer anthem already. The thing I love about Haim is the closeness of the sisters which enables a real warmth to emanate through their songs. Other reviews have said that they’re like Destiny’s Child, which; yes, I agree some of their dance moves do have that female R ‘n’ B feel to them but personally, I don’t think you can compare them. Haim are LOADS better than Destiny’s Child.

I also love the 80’s – early 90’s inspired sounds and the visuals it conjures up. It makes me want to be strolling down the beach, sunglasses on, ghetto blaster on my shoulder with a ’99 flake in my hand. I predict big things for Haim and I hope they do a full UK tour very very soon.

You can download The Forever EP for free from and will be released on vinyl through National Anthem Records on 2nd July.

5/5 by Robert Smith.



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